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Titans Links: Breakout Potential

NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports has 5 2017 draft picks that could break out in year 2. In my opinion they missed a very obvious candidate in Corey Davis. SuperHorn has been talking all offseason how the Shanahan Offense, and possibly/probably/likely the LaFleur offense loves to feed the #1 receiver. Well, that’s Corey Davis. If Davis progresses in this healthy offseason (knock on wood) like he should/is capable, look out NFL.

AAS said she wanted to get this team right when she took over the franchise. She has taken major steps in that direction in the years she’s been here, and there are plenty of reasons for optimism.

A small draft class means plenty opportunity for the gaggle of UDFAs the Titans brought in. Deontay Burnett, Sharif Finch, and Akrum Wadley are all candidates to make the roster.

The Titans just miss the top defensive line rankings, and for right now, I think that’s fine.