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Nashville officially awarded the 2019 NFL Draft

It’s finally officially official.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It has been reported for over a month now that the 2019 NFL Draft would be held in Nashville. This morning it finally became official. The announcement from Roger Goodell:

Here is Titans’ controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk’s, who is absolutely not selling the team by the way (eat it, Darren Rovell), message to the fans:

Nashville is the perfect place to host the draft. There is so much going on down there around the riverfront. I cannot wait to see how they have everything set up.

There are probably a lot of reasons that Nashville got the draft, but I have to believe the turnout for the uniform unveiling was what put the city over the top. There were so many people down there on a really cold night to see something that ended up getting leaked a few days before. It was really amazing to see, and it proves 1. how awesome the city is and 2. that there is still a ton of support for the Titans.

Will you be heading downtown there for the draft?