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Titans Links: WHO PRAISED HAROLD????

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Mike Vrabel addressed reporters after OTAs on Tuesday afternoon, and he left us with one burning question. WHO PRAISED HAROLD? When asked a question about Harold Landry and how he was praised in practiced yesterday, Mike Vrabel asked the questions several times and now we all have to wonder, WHO PRAISED HAROLD? The link above is to Jim’s observations on Tuesday’s events. I do not see him snitching on the person who praised Harold, so the wait continues.

Owners are ruining football.

Eagles released a really good linebacker yesterday.

Has the Titan’s defense been remade in Vrabel’s image?

Michael Robinson says look out for Dion Lewis this year. Check out the post Mike did on Dion Lewis, it’s really good, and really exciting for us fans.