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ESPN thinks Titans have the sixteenth-best quarterback situation in the NFL


NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It’s May, so when we are looking for NFL content we are going to come up with a lot of lists. Today we look at a list from Dan Graziano where he ranks all of the quarterback situations around the NFL. Here is one thing that we need to remember, the national perception of Marcus Mariota took a huge hit this season. Those of us who watched this team week in and week out know the regression was because of the offense. The national guys haven’t put in the time to figure that out.

With that being said, Graziano has the Titans quarterback situation ranked 16th in the NFL. Here were his comments:

Marcus Mariota, like Carr, is another young quarterback who declined instead of moving forward in 2017. We give Tennessee the slightest edge over the next team on this list because of the playoff experience Mariota got last season. He needs to show he can stay healthy, and it would help the Titans’ position on this list if Mariota and Corey Davis found a way to click in 2018. Blaine Gabbert sits there as yet another backup who we know can step in and manage an NFL game if need be.

So whatever. I’m not going to get fired up about this list....except for the fact that the Giants are ranked ahead of the Titans. Eli Manning is well past done. It is insanity to put him ahead of Mariota.