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Titans Links: Cross-Sport Misguidedness

NBA All-Star Game 2018 Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

On a normal day, this story would not get a link, but this is not a normal day. This is a newsless Friday, so we have trying to tell us which NFL players are most like LeBron James in carrying their team. This kind of comparison is bad, just because the sports are so different. In basketball, one guy can take the inbounds pass, go down the floor and score by himself (or herself) without the aid of his or her teammates. Football you can do no such thing, at least on a consistent basis. Basketball only has 5 players on the floor at a time, and that lends itself to an individual having an even greater impact on a game. Don’t compare the two sports, and definitely don’t put a non-QB on this list.

Ben Jones speaks on his childhood, growing up without a dad, and the impact others in his community had on his life. This is a really good story and I encourage all of you to read it.