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Titans Links: Disrespected

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jurrell Casey, you may have heard of him, of the Titans says that not only is the team disrespected, but he is as well with his ranking of 66. He also says that the Titans are really loving the new attitude Michael Scott Vrabel is bringing to the team.

The Titans have signed a new WR, Nick Williams. I wouldn’t draft him in fantasy, as he may just be a camp body.

Somehow the Giants were ranked as having the best offseason. Umm..... what? The Titans should definitely be on this list (not #1, but in the top 7), and the Giants should have fired their GM already.

Around the NFL says that Andy Dalton is the Mendoza Line for NFL QB’s, while I think he was for a while, I certainly think that the Bengals need to look elsewhere at this point. They talk about Marcus Mariota clearly being a franchise QB with room to go. This is a very realistic opinion in my estimation. He’ll jump up rankings soon enough.