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The Titans offseason program started today

Things are going to be different this year.

Sports: Titans Uniforms Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans opened their offseason program today. This phase is just about conditioning for the players around the league, but it is different for the Titans. It is about the players getting to know the coaching staff and the coaching staff getting to know the players. That is what happens when you have a brand new staff.

Mike Vrabel talked about forming relationships at his press conference today. Here is part of what he had to say about his relationship with Marcus Mariota:

Vrabel went on to say that you can’t force relationships. They have to develop over time. It sounds like he is taking the right approach here.

There was also an interesting exchange when Vrabel was talking about filming in the locker room:

This wasn’t the only weird part of the press conference. Part of it was a new coach getting to know the media, but there was also a part of it where Vrabel was trying to let everyone know that he is in charge.

I said on Twitter that I don’t know how many football games Mike Vrabel is going to win, but his press conferences are going to be really fun to watch.