Gabbert signs 2 years $4m

$1m signing bonus, 2 years at $1.5m per. Blaine has always given good bang for the buck. Even though he was first round pick in 2011, due to the rookie salary structure, he spent most of his time in Jacksonville starting for less than his backups (Garrard, McCown, Henne) were earning. Then he went to S.F. where Kaepernick was being paid 10x as much. During 2015/2016 seasons they split the starts, and Gabbert had double the winning percentage, and the team averaged 6 more points per game scored while he was the quarterback. He was earning $2m per, Squidward was on a 6 year/$126m dollar contract. In Arizona, he played about 1/3 of the season, as did Palmer and Stanton. They were fairly close perfomance wise, but Palmer earned about $3.5m per start, Stanton earned about $1m per start, and Gabbert earned $175k per start.