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Titans Links: Pure Imagination

If Wednesday Night was Amy Adams Strunk’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, then Tajae Sharpe was the Augustus Gloop, taking it all in this great video from Titans Online.

Amy Adams Strunk spoke one on one with Amie Wells of Titans Online about the uniforms and the event. She should be proud of what she created and the atmosphere around the team which in large part is due to her.

I’ve seen a wide range of views on the jerseys and consistently the biggest gripe is the font of the numbers. While I was not a fan when I saw the leak, I think they are amazing now as they are modernized and also unique to us.

Cam Wolfe gives the uniforms a B-/C+ grade. I disagree with him and would give them a A-/B+.

In Chad Reuter’s latest mock draft, he has us drafting Josh Sweat. I’d be all in on that pick, and all in on the first 5 picks he has us making. Also, if the Browns do end up taking Josh Allen #1 overall, they deserve all the misery that is going to ensue.