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Titans Links: Sharp Dressed Team

Sports: Titans Uniforms Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports

Tradition Evolved is the tag line for the Titans new jerseys. I think the new jerseys absolutely exhibit the old colors, but are definitely improved. I love the new jerseys. The sword on the shoulder sounds goofy, but it looks slick. I think the font is really nice as well. Amy did a terrific job on these and I can’t wait to purchase mine. I’m in between getting a Byard one and a Davis one. Let me know in the comments who you all plan to get.

Jim Wyatt has the story behind some of the key design elements of the jersey.

Titans new and old were at the unveiling and it seemed that all of them absolutely loved what they saw.

Titans Online has a bunch of great videos of the new jerseys and some from last night’s presentation as well. Enjoy!