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See the Titans new uniforms

What are your thoughts?

So the Titans jerseys that leaked online was the actual jersey. Here are some pretty good pictures:

I love the new helmet. That navy blue looks awesome. The color scheme overall is pretty good, but I just can’t get on board yet with those numbers. I hated them when someone sent me that jersey on Saturday, but I thought maybe they would grow on me. They haven’t.

The event in downtown Nashville was awesome. It will be interesting to see a number of people that were down there. It looked like a huge crowd on the live stream. Mike Keith, of course, did an excellent job. It was cool seeing Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel there. They did a nice job getting everyone excited.

It was also good to see the original players there in Craig Hentrich, Eddie George, Frank Wycheck and Blaine Bishop. Wycheck made his first public appearance in a while. Hopefully he is doing OK.