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Titans Links: Uni-Day

NFL: Super Bowl LII Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the uniform unveiling party for the Titans, if you hadn’t heard. There are many rumors circling out there and I could not be more excited. I really like the leaked uniforms and have seen some rumors on the helmet and other jerseys that I really like. I know Amy wanted this to be a big surprise, but I am just as excited even with the leaks, and I love the uniforms.

Speaking of leaks, the NFL is launching an investigation on the person/people responsible for leaking the uniform.

ESPN wonders if Malcolm Butler or Tyrann Mathieu will make a bigger impact in 2018. I think Malcolm Butler will, as the Texans are getting back Watt and Mercilus and they will undoubtedly have a bigger impact on their pass defense than Tyrann will. That being said, both teams got good players.

The top 3 for the Titans, AAS, JRob, and Vrable talk Marcus Mariota and team bonding.

Quinton Spain is back! I am very glad to have the big guy back on a line that should repeat all 5 starters in 2018.