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NFL Draft Grades 2018: What do the experts think about the Harold Landry pick?

Anyone with anything less than an A can see themselves out.

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Rashaan Natalie Allison-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Robinson made another bold move last night when he moved up from 57 to 41 to acquire Harold Landry. I am seeing a lot of “but look at what he gave up” or “but the cost was so high” around the internet this morning. Frankly, I think that is stupid. Landry was regarded by some as the best pass rusher in this draft, and all Robinson gave up to get him was a third round pick. There should be a warrant out for his arrest because he stole the pick!

Let’s get to some grades, shall we? Dan Kadar of SB Nation gave the Titans a B, which as I outlined above, is ridiculous. His comments:

Tennessee jumped up to the 41st pick in the second round after moving up in the first round to take linebacker Rashaan Evans. Coming into the second day of the draft, the best player available was Boston College edge rusher Harold Landry. From a value standpoint, getting him is a great selection. However, Landry dropped because of his health, so you have to hope that it’s not an issue. If it’s not, the Titans got a steal, and a player they need. The cost of giving up the 57th and 89th pick was pricey.

I will give him that the medical piece of this is a little bit concerning, but Robinson said last night that the Titans’ doctors cleared Landry. That’s all I needed to hear.

Pete Prisco also gave the Titans a B. He’s the same guy that said Marcus Mariota wouldn’t be good because he wasn’t throwing interceptions in his rookie training camp. NEXT!

Now Chad Reuter, he’s a guy that gets it! He has given the Titans an A across the board. Here are his really smart comments:

The Titans really needed an inside linebacker after the departure of Avery Williamson, so trading up for Evans made sense. They had to move down two rounds (giving up a fourth-rounder and picking up a sixth-rounder) to get ahead of the Patriots to secure Evans, but that’s reasonable for an instant starter who can do a lot on the field. I can’t knock the Titans for sending the Raiders a third-round pick to go get Landry. He will take over for Derrick Morgan or Brian Orakpo sooner than later. They’ll find depth at other positions on Saturday and after the draft.

Now we just wait for the Titans to win day 3 of this draft!