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Todd McShay final 2018 NFL mock draft

People are just getting my hopes up today.

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Todd McShay has dropped his final 2018 NFL mock draft. Here’s the thing, he also has the Titans taking Harold Landry, EDGE, Boston College. This pick is starting to gain momentum today. Again, I think Landry would be an absolute steal at 25, and I also think there is no way Landry is there at 25.

Here were McShay’s comments on Landry:

Tennessee needs pass-rush help desperately and is banking here that it gets the 2016 version of Landry -- the one that led the nation with 16.5 sacks. Landry needs to expand his stable of pass-rushing moves, but he has a lot of potential.

Terry and I have talked a lot about wanting an EDGE guy with upside. That is the biggest reason I won’t be thrilled if they end up taking Sam Hubbard in this first round. Landry has as high of a ceiling as anyone in this pass rushing class. That isn’t something you see on the board at 25 if there aren’t off the field questions.