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2018 NFL Draft: MCM Community Predictions

“Predictions! Getcha predictions! Predictions here!”

2017 NFL Draft Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

At long last, it has arrived. After months of anticipation, countless mock drafts, and never-ending rumors and reports, it is finally... Draft Day (2014, Directed by Ivan Reitman, starring Mike Mularkey Kevin Costner).

Which means it’s the last day to make 2018 draft predictions. So let’s try some.

I’m going to list my ten boldest predictions for this draft, ranging from who will fall, what teams will make what trades, what the Titans will do, yada yada.

Then, I’m listing my “wish list” of players I’d like to see the Titans draft (feel free to leave your own in the comments).

Finally, below that, I’ve included some fun draft prop bets that I stole from here.


In descending order...

10. Titans trade back from pick no. 25

I ranked this my least-bold prediction as I think it’s fairly likely, but certainly not a guarantee.

9. Harold Landry will be a top-15 pick

Bold in the sense that the buzz isn’t really there... I would’ve said top-10 pick, but I think too many quarterbacks will go high, so I’ll stick to the 15 range.

8. Josh Rosen is drafted ahead of Josh Allen

I think the possible “first-overall pick” buzz Josh Allen is recently receiving should be going to Josh Rosen, and that the potential “slipping in the draft” buzz that’s been said about Rosen should instead be for Allen. But this prediction isn’t crazy. ESPN had Rosen go one pick before Allen in their NFL Nation mock draft.

7. Derwin James will be the first defensive back drafted

Not Minkah Fitzpatrick, and not Denzel Ward.

6. 5 QBs in the top 15

Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson. In that order. All gone by pick 15.

5. Calvin Ridley will slide out of the first round

Calvin Ridley has been the so-called “best receiver in this draft” for a long time, but I think there are other guys teams will fall in love with in the first round.

4. Josh Sweat will be a first-round pick

This shouldn’t even have to be a bold prediction but alas, here we are.

3. DJ Chark will be picked in the first round

Speaking of other guys that teams have fallen in love with...

Darrius Heyward-Bey, no. 7 overall pick. Troy Williamson, no. 7 overall pick (who? Exactly). Tavon Austin, no. 8 overall pick. Ted Ginn, no. 9 overall pick. John Ross, no. 9 overall pick. What do these guys all have in common? They ran really fast. All it takes is one team.

2. The Cowboys will draft Connor Williams at 19

I heard something... but my source is not necessarily “reliable.” So I’ll just leave it at that and put it in my bold predictions.

1. 4 trades in the top 5

Is that too crazy? I guess we’ll find out... I think 4 trades in the top 6 is more likely but these are supposed to be bold predictions!


Wide Receiver:

Anthony Miller, Memphis // Michael Gallup, Colorado State // Dante Pettis, Washington // KeKe Coutee, Texas Tech // Richie James, MTSU

Inside Linebacker:

Malik Jefferson, Texas // Oren Burks, Vanderbilt // Jerome Baker, Ohio State // Genard Avery, Memphis

Running Back:

John Kelly, Tennessee // Chase Edmonds, Fordham // Ito Smith, Southern Miss // Akrum Wadley, Iowa


When will the first wide receiver be selected?

Over / Under: Pick 19.5

Number of quarterbacks selected in round 1?

Over / Under: 4.5

Number of running backs selected in round 1?

Over / Under: 1.5

Number of receivers selected in round 1?

Over / Under: 2.5

How many offensive players will be selected in round 1?

Over / Under: 16.5

How many defensive players will be selected in round 1?

Over / Under: 16.5

Number of Alabama players selected in round 1?

Over / Under: 3.5

Number of Ohio State players selected in round 1?

Over / Under: 1.5

Saquon Barkley’s draft position?

Over / Under: 3.5

Bradley Chubb draft position?

Over / Under: 4.5

Baker Mayfield draft position?

Over / Under: 5.5

Lamar Jackson draft position?

Over / Under: 17.5

First overall pick?

First wide receiver selected?

First offensive tackle to be selected?

Name your “steal” of the draft...


I invite you all now to fill the comment section with your own expectations for the draft.

Feel free to answer the prop bets yourself, give us a wish list, and/or come up with your own bold predictions. Make some wild postulations. Call your shots!

The goal is to leave yourself a comment you can be bragging about by Sunday...

Happy draft!