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Titans Links: BPA

2017 US College Football Sydney Cup Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

Jon Robinson will pick the best player available that fits the Titans. The past two drafts, in the first round, he’s picked what ended up being a player that fit a huge need in Jack Conklin, Corey Davis, and Adoree Jackson. The Titans don’t necessarily have a glaring need from a starter standpoint, but looking ahead, we all agree OLB is going to be a need very soon, and we’d rather not have a rookie to have to do it all on his own next year. That being said, OLB is obviously not the autopick in round 1. You could very easily see any of ILB/OLB/CB/S/C/OG picked in round one, and it wouldn’t be that surprising.

The Titans are continuing the Names to Know series, and there’s a lot of names at this juncture. Watch the videos, and get to know them a bit more.

Who are three draft prospects that aren’t getting enough love? Well, that would be Evans, Daniels, and Crosby according to Daniel Jeremiah.