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Titans Links: Bad Company

TCU v Texas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Titans have the 25th pick in the draft. This is known. However, most of the 25th overall picks in the draft in the Titans era have been awful. Check out the past picks here.

Jim Wyatt has the latest round up of mock drafts from around the interwebs. A lot of people have Landry as the pick or LVE. I’d much prefer Landry, but LVE wouldn’t be the worst pick ever. Don’t be surprised if the Titans take a safety early, as we’ve shown a ton of interest through this process in early round guys.

Gil Brandt has his top 150 prospects. In no world is DJ Chark a better prospect than Justin Reid, and in no world is Josh Allen a better prospect than Quinton Nelson, yet this is what Gil hath written. Shame on you, Gil, this list is very bad.