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What does DeMarco Murray’s release mean for Derrick Henry’s fantasy football value?

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Apparently some people didn’t see Murray’s release coming....

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

I am constantly amazed at how little attention people pay to the Titans nationally. Take yesterday for example. It was announced that the Titans will release DeMarco Murray. That is something all of us have known was coming since at least last October, but fantasy football Twitter seemed shock yesterday. There was the huge debate that broke out over Derrick Henry’s fantasy football value for 2018. The announcement yesterday changed absolutely nothing for Henry’s value because this was a foregone conclusion.

With all of that being said, what is Henry’s fantasy value for 2018? Online you will see him ranked anywhere from top 5 to the 15-20 range. Top 5 is too high. The Titans are going to add another back in free agency or the draft. That back will get at least a share of the work, and depending on who the back is and what his skill set is, could end up getting just as much work as Henry because Henry is going to come off the field at least in passing situations.

If I were doing a draft right now, which I’m not because I’m not a crazy person, here would be my top 12 running backs:

  1. LeVeon Bell
  2. Todd Gurley
  3. David Johnson
  4. Ezekiel Elliott
  5. Alvin Kamara
  6. Kareem Hunt
  7. Leonard Fournette
  8. Dalvin Cook
  9. LeSean McCoy
  10. Melvin Gordon
  11. Christian McCaffery
  12. Devonta Freeman

After that it gets interesting. You have a group of guys that I would include Derrick Henry in..Joe Mixon, Jordan Howard, and Mark Ingram....those type of names. You also have Dion Lewis, Jerrick McKinnon and Carlos Hyde that don’t have teams right now. All 3 guys could jump ahead of Henry’s group if they land in the right spot.