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Titans Links: Do Want

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks may release Richard Sherman or he may be traded. Maybe this will be fleshed out before tomorrow morning. It is anyone’s guess. I know Jimmy said yesterday that he did not want him because he’s perceived as a jackhole, but I couldn’t disagree more. Richard Sherman’s teammates have not only always had his back, but he’s beloved in that locker room by his secondary mates. He’s considered a film-rat, and would undoubtedly improve the CB room for the Titans. He turns 30 this month, so there’s probably not 5 years on the treads, but I would expect him to play at a well above average for a couple more years.

Future Richard Sherman teammate, Kevin Byard, talks about having huge goals for 2018. I can’t wait. Byard might be my next jersey.

Daniel Jeremiah’s post combine mock draft has the Titans selecting James Daniels from Iowa.

Jon Robinson talks about pro visits and how, “It’s another piece of the puzzle.”