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Titans Uniform Rumor Roundup

Here’s what we know about the new uniforms as we get ready for Wednesday’s unveiling.

NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

We are only a few days away from retiring the original Titans jerseys and ushering in a new era of two-tone blues. The team has done an outstanding job at building hype for these uniforms as well as keeping information about the uniforms from leaking out. They even went so far as to hide a message for impatient fans that tried to use Photoshop to lighten a uniform teaser image on the team website for hints.

It’s been a masterful job by the team marketing and social media staff every step of the way. With just a few days left before the big unveil there aren’t a ton of details out there, but here is everything we know at this points along with a few unsubstantiated rumors and speculation at the end.

Team Teasers

The team has released a couple videos that show tiny glimpses of the new uniforms (or at least elements of them). Here is the first one.

There are three main takeaways from this video for me.

  1. The rumor about the team switching to primarily red jerseys was fake. You can see the two-tone blue featured prominently in the video. Its not going away, much to my relief.
  2. They are adding some silver color to the mix. This color has already been a part of the team’s official color scheme through its usage in the sword for the logos. Now it seems it’ll be featured in some capacity on the uniforms themselves.
  3. There will likely at least be some red added to the mix as the red Nike swoosh in the video hints at. Again, this is a welcome change in my opinion as it gives some additional contrast to the blue tones. How much red is added remains to be seen, but my guess is its minimal. Maybe some piping or outlines here and there.

Reported Tidbits

In addition to the team-released information we also have some media members reporting small details. The biggest of which is Zach Bingham from AtoZ Sports claiming that the helmets will be changing from a white base to navy blue.

I’d be excited about this development as well. I’ve always felt like the white domes limited the available color combinations that would look good with it. A matte Navy helmet would be pretty cool.

The Titans unveiled a 20th season logo (below) at their season ticket holder event at the Grand Ole Opry. Paul Kuharsky reported that Amy Adams-Strunk said the logo would appear as a small decal on the back of the helmet for the 2018 season.

I assume this means we won’t be seeing a patch on the chest like we did for the 10th and 15th anniversary seasons.

PK also got confirmation that the helmets would be changing at this event. Though “change” could mean a different logo, color, striping, or facemask (or all of the above).

He also gave one clue this week that he got during the NFL owners meetings in Orlando. I won’t give away Paul’s work for free, but you can check it out here if you’re a subscriber.

Unsubstantiated Rumors and Speculation

One of the most popular uniform theories among Titans fans is that the font for the jersey numbers will change to match the font the team website and social media accounts have been using for the last few years. You can see an example below.

I think that would look pretty sharp and really feels a lot more on theme with the Greek warrior branding they have been moving towards recently. However, the imaging of the numbers from the Titans teaser video looks an awful lot like the current numbers so its possible that this isn’t happening (though I hope it is).

We had the early Reddit rumor of the red jerseys with silver “battle scarred” helmets that sent Titans Twitter in to a frenzy, but based on subsequent reports and info posted above, that seems unlikely to be true. The other possible leak, also from Reddit, describes the jerseys as navy with some sort of red “base layer”, silver sleeves, and a little Columbia blue mixed in as well. Below is a mock up based on the description.

I’m not sure I’m crazy about those. The description is pretty hard to picture and the “busy” label isn’t terribly promising if true. I will say that the reliability of Reddit rumors is extremely poor, so take anything on there with a huge grain of salt.

So at the end of the day, we know for fact (or as close as you can get to fact with something like this) that the two-tone blue colors are staying, but with some red and silver likely mixed in. We know the helmets are going to change in some form or fashion, possibly to a navy blue base and maybe with a different logo. We can also eliminate one popular rumor (the one from PK’s article). Outside of those few details the team has done a great job of protecting their secret.

Unveiling Event Info

Luckily, we only have a few more days to wait until the new gear is unveiled in a downtown party. Below is information for the event for those who might be interested in attending.

For those that live out of town or can’t make it downtown Wednesday night, it sounds like the team will have a live stream of the event going on the team website and Periscope.

So what do you think we are going to see when they drop the new uniforms on Wednesday? What do you hope we see?