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Titans Links: Good on Paper

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NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have a good looking starting lineup on paper right now. It’ll change a bit as free agency continues and the draft rolls around but if the season started today we’d be in pretty good position. I still believe that an OLB should be the 25th pick, but they won’t be a starter right away, however they’ll log vital minutes. I’m very interested to see what we do at the WR position as well whether we add legit competition or just depth.

Amy Adams believes that the Titans and Nashville will be good hosts if selected to be the site of one of the upcoming NFL drafts. It would be hard for me to disagree and I know I’d want to plan a vacation to Nashville if it happened.

What is the Titans’ fatal flaw? Well, not enough pass rushing depth. Orakpo and Morgan are still good players, but if we had a blue chip talent there, our defense and team could take the next level. 25th overall gives that opportunity if a guy like Landry, Key, or possibly even a bit of a projection in Sweat is there.