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Titans Links: Backup Plans

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans signed two guys that will be backups and hopefully not see much playing time in 2018. Xavier Su’a-Filo, who is an uber athletic OL, and also a terrible one for the Texans so far. Hopefully its just been injuries with him and he can turn the corner. The second backup the Titans signed was Blaine Gabbert. He fits the system fine, but I would have rather traded for Cody Kessler or signed Colin Kaepernick (gasp) cue the rage.

Mike Vrabel says the Titans are fine without Suh on the Defensive line. This is 100% true, but at the same time, we need more blue chip players and he’s definitely one of them.

We now know what a catch is!

Also a targeting rule may be implemented.

Amy Adams speaks on a variety of topics including Mike Vrabel, the players we’ve added in free agency, and expectations for 2018 and beyond.

Marcus Mariota talks the old Mike, the new Mike and what to look for in 2018.