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Titans Links: Amy’s Suprise

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NFL: Tennessee Titans-Press Conference Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Amy Adams Strunk’s baby has been the new jerseys, and of course, Blanche. However, as great as “friend of the blog”, Blanche is, we are just a little over a week away from unveiling the jerseys. I’m very excited for the new jerseys and am incredibly happy that the new jerseys will incorporate red and grey. I’m sure the Titans would have liked to unveil the jerseys with a new superstar like Suh, but having current and former Titans will do just fine.

Jon Robinson talks Shaquem Griffin. I think the kid is a good football player, and it would not surprise me in the slightest if we targeted him in the draft.

Jon Robinson talks the players that the Titans have added so far in free agency and the draft. I’m very excited about this team right now, and we still have people to add.