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2018 NFL Draft: Week 3 Pro Day Recap

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pro Day season is onto the third week amidst the frenzy of March Madness and Spring Training. Where did the Titans go and who did they see?

March 19

The Titans were seemingly everywhere on the 19th. They made a stop in Philly to take in the local eating scenery and check out Temple’s Pro Day

They sent some folks to Delaware as well, specifically DL coach / Suh Recruiter in Chief Terrell Williams to check out this dude:

The Titans sent OC Matt LaFleur to Raleigh, NC to visit North Carolina State and witness things like Bill Belichick doing some future free agent recruiting on the sly.

Bradley Chubb is good, folks

So is the chronically underrated Justin Jones. He’s the real engine behind the Wolfpack star studded DL

Nyheim Hines is a good athlete

GM Jon Robinson got into the Mike Vrabel act at Tennessee’s pro day. It’s awesome to see our GM get into the trenches and actually participate. Not many front office folks are willing to do this.

Prospects met/interviewed

Tony Pauline of Draftanalyst reports the Titans had a workout this week with DL Julian Taylor of Temple.

As previously mentioned, the Titans sent Terrell Williams to scout DT Bilal Nichols

OC Matt LaFleur not only was in Raleigh, he was actively running drills for RB Nyheim Hines

The Titans will be working out Hines next week.

March 20

Amidst the Twitter war between Kevin Byard and Deion Sanders, the Titans managed to get in some Pro Day visits from coast to coast.

First up, Penn State

WR Daesean Hamilton is good. He could be a steal for someone.

DL Curtis Cothran is not just a Madden generated name. He’s pretty good. Keep an eye on him later in this post.

TE Mike Gesicki is awesome

Next up, we take a visit to sunny Florida State to see how the new Seminoles head coach Willie Taggart is settling in a new home.

The Titans have 0 shot at picking Derwin James but miracles do happen

The Titans do have a shot at drafting EDGE Josh Sweat though and he looks good without the knee brace on.

WR Auden Tate doing some things

Prospects met/interviewed

According to TP, The Titans met with a certain defensive line prospect at Penn State

Also from TP, The Titans are looking at a safety from Hawaii

As previously mentioned, Josh Sweat is visiting the Titans on a 30 visit

There’s this little nugget from Josh Norris about Darius Leonard. I love me some Leonard. He fits every box that JROB looks for.

In a more local flavor, the Titans were spotted at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga event

The team also sent reps to South Carolina

March 21

The Titans were present en masse at Los Angeles for USC’s pro day aka the Sam Darnold Show.

Coach Vrabel was active during the drills AGAIN. I love this guy already. This has to be the most active GM and HC duo the NFL has seen in awhile.

The home state Falcons sent nearly their entire front office to UGA but the Titans had reps there as well.

Prospects Met/Interviewed

According to Mr. Pauline, the Titans interest in Uchenna Owusu extended to off the field as well

TP reports that the Titans were present at UCONN, showing heavy interest in DL Folorunso Fatukasi.

March 22

Notre Dame and Ohio State held their pro days on the same day and both were heavily attended as expected.

To the shock of everyone, Mike Vrabel nor Sonny Coombs were in attendance at Columbus. GM Jon Robinson was there along with assistant DL coach Ryan Crow

The talent filled defensive line getting in some work

The linebackers are getting in some work as well

So are the defensive backs. Keep an eye out later in this post.

The Titans were in attendance for University of San Diego’s pro day where one Johnny Manziel was throwing

After witnessing Johnny Football, they made their way to San Diego State

The team also sent a rep to the Missouri event as well

Former Mizzou defensive lineman Charles Harris provided his teammates new kicks to work out in. What a cool gesture.

Prospects met/interviewed

According to Mr. Pauline, Johnny Football wasn’t the only one that the Titans kept an eye on in San Diego

Another one from TP, The Titans met with a DB for Ohio State

There are reports that Ohio State LB Jerome Baker was a Combine interview and Chris Worley is scheduled to meet with the Titans soon

March 23

Today wasn’t just about the Josh Allen show. Although the Titans were in attendance for that one.

They were also at the Kentucky event to commiserate in the Wildcats hoops loss in the Sweet 16 and hopefully watch some prospects.

The team were also seen in Lubbock for Texas Tech’s pro day, presumably to get the secret as to how HC Kliff Kingsbury maintains his good looks as the years go on.

I know that we have a few Red Raiders fans here on MCM so get excited! KeKe Coutee did workout for the Titans.

The team took an active role at East Lansing for Sparty’s event. Here is a Titans rep running some drill (he’s the guy holding the ball in the middle)

Prospects met/interviewed

The Titans sent the QB Coach to Texas Tech, according to Mr. Pauline’s report.

Bonus facts

Patrick Woo, the Senior Bowl scouting director has been hired by the Titans to join the front office in an undetermined role. He’s a huge Titans fan so this is awesome.

Kyle Allen could be a backup option?