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Titans Links: Cap Heaven

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Los Angeles Rams v Tennessee Titan Photo by Shaban Athuman/Getty Images

The Titans have approximately 43 million in cap space left this year, leaving plenty of cushion if we sign a Suh or another free agent and want to sign Lewan to an extension this offseason as well. JRob and Vin have done a good job making sure the contracts we’ve added don’t hurt our ability to maneuver around the free agent and extension landscape.

The Titans are 14th in the post FA power rankings. Get Suh and we’ll be flying up them.

Speaking of Suh, he will visit the Raiders on Wednesday. I have nothing against a guy weighing his options around the league. The Raiders have some cap space, but they are also building a team destined to fail, with the additions of 2014 all stars like Doug Martin, Jordy Nelson, and today getting Eric Decker in for a visit. My money is on the Rams, Titans, or Seahawks.

Chad Reuter has the Titans selecting Lorenzo Carter with the 25th pick of the draft. While I like Carter, I don’t like him enough to draft him there, and would rather use the pick on Arden Key who he still has available. Landry went two spots earlier to the Rams. For those who like TEs, he has us picking one with one of our later round picks.