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Titans Links: Waiting Game

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NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice
The new jerseys are over there
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans will release their new jerseys in just a few weeks time, and they are intent on teasing us with videos like this one with Amy Adams Strunk and Taylor Lewan. He seemed to be a fan, but what else is he gonna say?

Malcolm Butler has seen it all, the lows and the highs of an NFL player. He seems like an awesome player, and I can’t wait til September to see him and the rest of our team in action.

Brian Orakpo talks with Amie Wells about the excitement of the playoffs and the new changes coming to the Titans.

The Nuke and Juke em tandem of Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry will be a lot of sharing says Cam Wolfe. I am excited for these two guys to wreak havoc on defenses.

Gregg Rosenthal thinks that Dion Lewis was a steal for the Titans. I do as well.

In todays edition of #SuhWatch Ndamukong will visit the Rams today. Jordan Schultz of Yahoo spoke on the Midday 180 yesterday and made it sound like the Rams, Saints, and Titans are all well in the mix. Hopefully our combination of money and opportunity bring him to Nashville.