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Locked on Titans: Titans talk RBs, Kevin Dodd; Jarvis Landry on the trading block

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Our latest episode.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As far as the Titans go, it’s been a slow news week. Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel hit the podium at the NFL Combine, but didn’t give us much to chew from. Most noteworthy was the difference in optimism from Robinson on DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry. We’ll talk about what was said and what that means as the new league year creeps upon us.

Vrabel discussed the disappointing Kevin Dodd, calling him a guy that’s probably going to play on the outside. We’ve talked a lot about Dodd, who has yet to put it together. Hopefully he can make some progress and stay healthy over the offseason. Maybe a new voice will make all the difference.

Finally, we’ll talk Jarvis Landry, who has reportedly been told that he can seek a trade. Could the Titans be a suitor? Maybe, but we’re hesitant. What would it take to land him? What kind of money would he demand?

We’ll be back next week to break down all the news from the Combine.