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NFL free agency 2018: Curtis Riley is headed to the New York Giants

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Good luck to Riley with his new team!

Tennessee Titans v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Curtis Riley is apparently headed to the New York Giants. Riley didn’t get a lot of playing time with the Titans, but he has been with the team for 3 seasons after being signed as an undrafted free agent. He appeared in 7 games in 2017 and had an interception.

Riley was expendable after the Titans signed Malcolm Butler earlier this week. The Titans have more depth and better starters at corner than they have had in a long time....maybe ever. When your starters are Butler, Logan Ryan and Adoree Jackson, you have to be thrilled. Throw in depth guys behind them like LeShaun Sims and Tye Smith and you have a really good group of corners.

Man, if the Titans can find a way to add Ndamukong Suh, Dean Pees is going to look like a genius. I am pretty sure I could coordinate a defense with that pass rush and secondary.