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Titans Links: Midas Touch

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NFL: Preseason-Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Seemingly everything Jon Robinson touches turns to gold, and that includes this year’s free agency period, where I believe he’s knocked it out of the park. Keeping DaQuan Jones was huge, as was signing Lewis and Butler. There is still more to come, for sure but we can all be excited about what has happened so far. A trade wouldn’t shock me.

The Titans re-signed David King to a 1 year extension as well, after trading this year’s 7th round pick for him last year.

Malcolm Butler says he was never given a reason why he didn’t play in the Super Bowl, but I can guarantee that JRob and Vrabel know why. It’s hard to imagine he wouldn’t have made a difference for the Patriots.

What big names are left? Suh, Mathieu, Richardson are three of the top guys left and I still really would like to see Suh in two-tone blue/red/silver next year, but I think we are done with the name-brand guys. Some depth at OLB and possibly ILB makes sense as does Chad Henne.