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Report: Titans re-sign guard Josh Kline to a four year deal

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The Titans are keeping Kline.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After plenty of talk and speculation, the Titans are going to keep guard Josh Kline around. He’s reportedly agreed to a new four-year deal to stay in Nashville. Kline will be making pretty good money for the next few seasons.

The two sides were in talks last night and were able to hammer out a deal this morning.

I think most of us believed that Quinton Spain would be the guard that would stick around, but his status very much remains up in the air after the team tendered him at the lowest possible level. Spain can now field offers from other teams, but the Titans can still match.

So Kline remains in the picture as the Titans head into a new zone blocking scheme. That may be where the team has doubts about Spain, who would be asked to move quite a bit more in this new offensive attack.

Kline fills one hole on the offensive line, but one potential hole remains. All attention now turns to the Spain situation, which I’m fascinated to see play out.