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Malcolm Butler “played like rent and food were on the line every snap”

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This is the kind of stuff you want to hear.

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

This from Christopher Price of the Boston Sports Journal:

That is the type of stuff you want to hear about a guy that you just gave $30 million in guaranteed money to. Hopefully he brings that same fire here after getting paid.

This is going to be the deepest cornerback group the Titans have ever had with 3 guys they have invested significant money/draft capital in. You will have Butler and Adoree Jackson playing on the outside and Logan Ryan playing in the slot.

Think about how good this defense will be if they are able to add an outside linebacker in the draft that can come in get pressure on the quarterback. It will be a challenge for opposing teams move the football through the air. That will be a change from what we have seen from the Titans’ defense the last few years.

I guess we should start looking at the Patriots’ roster to see which of their cornerbacks will be a free agent next year so we can figure out who the first guy Jon Robinson will sign is....