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NFL free agency 2018: Dolphins to release Ndamukong Suh

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This is a guy Jon Robinson and the Titans should pursue.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Darlington of ESPN is reporting that the Dolphins are going to release Ndamukong Suh as early as today. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering his cap number for 2018 is $26 million(!). Field Yates reports that if the Dolphins release him with a post June 1st designation it will save them $17 million against the cap whereas releasing him without that designation would only save them $3.6 million. That means the Dolphins can’t release him until the new league year starts on Wednesday.

I have poo-poo most big names that come on the market, but Jon Robinson should absolutely break the bank for Suh. There has been some talk that he is in decline, but the PFF grades suggest otherwise:

The Titans currently have 1 guy, Jurrell Casey, that opposing offensive coordinators have to scheme against. Can you imagine the nightmares guys would have trying to figure out how to block Casey and Suh up front? Then think about if the Titans were able to add an outside linebacker in the draft that could create pressure off the edge!!!!11

One of the first questions I asked myself before writing this post was what position Suh would play in a 3-4, but remember, Mike Vrabel talked about being multiple with his defensive fronts. You sign a guy like Suh and then develop your scheme.

The one rule in defense, you can never have enough pass rushers!