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Titans coach Mike Vrabel on Kevin Dodd

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Will the former 2nd round pick make an impact in 2018?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Robinson hasn’t had many misses in his 2 years as the Titans GM, but Kevin Dodd is currently a black mark on his record. Dodd hasn’t been able to contribute on the field after having a foot surgery shortly after he was drafted. The Titans were hoping he could come in and be a part of a rotation with Derrick Morgan and Brian Orakpo. That hasn’t come to fruition.

Everyone wanted to know about Dodd during camp last year. Could he bounce back? Everyone now wants to know what the new coaching staff thinks of Dodd. Will he be a guy that can contribute in 2018?

Paul Kuharksy asked Mike Vrabel this during an interview on the Midday 180 from the 2018 NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis (listen to the full interview here). Here is part of the really good answer he gave:

I told Kevin if you are willing to work, and you aren’t lazy, you will get better. You will improve. I don’t know where your ceiling is as a player, but if you are willing to work, put the time in and compete. You will improve.

Vrabel talked about not making a determination on what Dodd is or isn’t until he and his coaching staff have a chance to work with him. You can believe that all eyes will be on Dodd when OTAs open later in the spring.