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Friday night open thread: The most brutal game of tic tac toe in history

What it do?

Texas Film Hall Of Fame Awards Photo by Jay West/WireImage

I can promise you that my (almost) 3 year old could beat both of these people at tic tac toe:

Tonight let’s talk about TV shows. What is everyone watching right now? I don’t have much time to watch TV these days, but I would love to hear if there is something great out there that I am missing. What are you currently watching? What is the best show you have ever watched?

I am sure most of you have at this point, but if you haven’t already watched Friday Night Lights go watch it. I would dare say that it is the best show ever on television. There are so many great things about that show, but my favorite is the interaction between Coach and Tammy Taylor. They have a great marriage. If I were a marriage counselor, which I am not, I would just have my clients watch their relationship on the show.