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Tennessee Titans potential 2018 free agents

Which of these guys would you be sad to see go?

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By my count from looking at Tennessee Titans contract data on RotoWorld the Titans have 11 players that are set to become free agents when the new league year starts on March 14, 2018. Those players are Eric Decker, DaQuan Jones, Josh Kline, Brice McCain, Curtis Riley, Brian Schwenke, Quinton Spain, Ryan Succop, Erik Walkden, Brandon Weeden and Avery Williamson. Two of those players, Riley and Spain, are restricted free agents.

Some quick thoughts on each guy:

Decker- His signing turned out to be a disaster. Was that because he is washed up or because the offense? Yes. There is no reason for him to be back here in 2018.

Jones- There is never good timing for a season-ending injury, but the timing for Jones was about as bad as it can get. He was playing really well in a contract year. He looked like a guy that was really coming into form and get paid this offseason. It will be interesting to see what the market is like for him.

Kline- This is an interesting one. He hasn’t been great the last 2 years, but he will probably be better in a zone blocking scheme. How highly does the new staff value him?

McCain- He is fine as your 5th or 6th corner- not as your 3rd. He will probably be elsewhere in 2018.

Riley- He had a pick in week 7. He’s better than McCain. I’d like to see him back.

Schwenke- Again, a guy that is handy to have around for depth purposes because he can play all 3 interior spots. Does he fit a zone scheme?

Spain- One of the few undrafted free agents finds for this team in the last few years. He is a valuable piece that will be back.

Succop- The Titans don’t want to be a part of the revolving door that comes with unproven kickers. He’ll be signed before the market opens.

Walden- This was a great signing for Jon Robinson. Walden is another guy that is only valuable as a depth piece, but he is really valuable in that role.

Weeden- I will leave this one to The Hawk

Williamson- I know I am in the minority here, but I am whatever on Williamson. He is a fine player, but he was outplayed by Wesley Woodayard last year. He seems like a guy that will think his value is higher on the market than it actually is.

Here is how I would rank the priority of bringing these guys back without regard to cost:

  1. Spain
  2. Succop
  3. Jones
  4. Williamson
  5. Walden
  6. Kline
  7. Riley
  8. Schwenke

The other 3 guys don’t even make the list.

What are your thoughts on the Titans’ potential free agents?