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Titans Links: Meet the Staff

Ohio State Buckeyes v Nebraska Cornhuskers 10-6-2012 Photo by David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images

The Titans had a nice little meet and greet for the media (sans Jommy because they don’t give him a media pass) to meet the new coaching staff. There are a lot of coaches, and a lot of videos. So here we go.

Matt LaFleur, champion of the sun, he’s a master of eyebrows, and friendship for Mariota.

Dean “Frank and” Pees. Talks about building a defense down the middle. Look for DT and ILB to be points of emphasis this offseason.

Mike Vrabel talks about his 2nd and 7 Foundation. Take a looksie.

Terrell Williams can’t wait to get his family moved to Nashville and get going.

Arthur “Doesn’t Quite Fit In With the GQ Coaching Staff” Smith is back and is going to evolve as a coach as the offense evolves.

Pat “Movie Maker” O’Hara is a guy that Matt LaFleur really seemed to perk up at the mention of his name, which is awesome since O’Hara was hired before LaFleur.

Rob Moore has the chance to be the best WR coach we’ve ever had. I’m looking forward to him making Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor better players. He talks about how he can relate to all the WRs in the room.

Tyrone McKenzie was the second coach we poached from the Rams. His task will be the ILBs. I really like that we split up linebackers by distinction.

Tony Dews from West Virginia is the new Running Backs coach. I’m excited to see him work with Derrick and whatever other RB we get either as a change of pace guy or a RBBC guy.

Keith Carter may be the smallest OL coach in football. It’ll be interesting to see how the Titans respond to a guy like him after having a HOF coach in Grimm.

Shane Bowen will coach the OLBs, which I hope we will add to this offseason. Shane may be the only guy on this staff that is a true Mike Vrabel disciple at this point.

Craig Aukerman replaces Steve Hoffman as ST Coach. Hopefully he can get Adoree Jackson a return TD next year.

Saving best for last, the man who needs no introduction, KERRY FREAKING COOMBS!