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Some thoughts on Matt LaFleur’s introductory press conference

I am really pumped to see LaFleur in charge of the Titans’ offense!

Photo from Titans Online stream

Matt LaFleur was also introduced to the Titans media today. You can believe that this offense is going to be a lot different than what we saw in 2017 just based on the way that he answered the questions he was asked today. Here were some of his thoughts:

On Marcus Mariota, LaFleur said he is as coachable as they come. That is what stood out to him about Marcus in the draft process when he came out of Oregon.

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: LaFleur said he will evaluate the guys and tailor the offense to what he has personnel wise.

LaFleur said there are 3 things great quarterbacks need:

1. Natural thrower,

2. Fearless in the pocket,

3. Intangibles

Said Marcus has all 3.

He said he wants Marcus to be comfortable enough to tell him what he likes and doesn’t like that they are doing. Said Jared Goff got there by the end of the year last year and that it is important for the QB to do that because he is basically an extension of the coaching staff.

When asked about the balance between having him make plays and keep him safe, LaFleur said the number 1 priority is keep him safe. He said then it will be important to teach Marcus to protect himself when things breakdown or he runs by design.

LaFleur said “how can we create explosive plays” will always be at the forefront of his mind. He said that at the end of the day yards don’t matter only points scored.

He said the foundation of the offense will be the run game and how it ties to the passing game. He also mentioned that is important to have plays “that start out looking the same but are different.”

When asked about run pass ratio, he said ideally they would be 50/50 in “normal” first and second down situations.

LaFleur said he didn’t know Mike Vrabel or Pat O’Hara before this process started but went on to say that he is very complimentary of the staff that Vrabel has put together.

He also talked a lot about playing fast. We know that style fits Marcus. I can’t wait to see them implement that.