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Highlights from the Dean Pees introductory press conference

The Titans introduced their new defensive coordinator today.

From Titans Online stream

Dean Pees was introduced to the Nashville media today. Here are the highlights of what the new Titans’ defensive coordinator had to say. One note: He went ahead and answered the question about the decision to come out of retirement so quickly before it was asked. Pees had a really good, detailed answer that he gave.

Pees said that he was not forced out in Baltimore. He said John Harbaugh offered him a contract extension before the season, but Pees had decided it was time to spend time with his family.

He said after a couple of weeks it was clear to him and his family that they were going to miss the game of football. That is why he decided to come back.

Pees said that the two biggest attractions to this job were Mike Vrabel and the city of Nashville.

He was very complimentary of Dick LeBeau said LeBeau is “the best there has ever been.”

On multiple up front and consistent in coverage, Pees said that is exactly his philosophy. He said he wouldn’t have come here if he and Vrabel didn’t share a philosophy.

On his son being on the staff, he said that was a bonus. Pees asked Vrabel if he had a defensive quality control guy. Vrabel said he didn’t, and Pees asked him to consider his son. Pees also said he accepted the job before there was any talk of his son joining the staff.

Tough, physical, smart and giving great effort. That’s what Pees wants from his defense. He said that doesn’t speak to ability. All the players in this league have the ability. The ones that excel do those things mentioned.

Pees said he signed a multiple year contract when asked how long he planned on being here seeing that he was coming off a “retirement.” He said he is here until “Mike” doesn’t want him anymore.