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Titans Links: Return of the Hurst

NFL: AUG 31 Preseason - Titans at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A familiar face returns to the Titans, Demontre Hurst! We all remember him.... RIGHT?! Anyway, good depth for a position we could use another starter at. No offense to Hurst, but obviously a pretty slow news day.

Ignore the murderiness of this page, and instead watch the A Football Life: Eddie George in the link. I wonder why Jim didn’t ask Ray where the white suit is. Maybe that will be addressed in his speech in Canton.

Former Brentwood Academy alum and VFL, Derek “Some People Think He’s Better Than Myles Garrett” Barnett just won the Super Bowl! Hard not to be happy for the Vol’s all time sack leader.

Dr. Doom made the Hall of Fame. No not the lame ones from the failed Fantastic Four movies, but the good one from the Oilers.