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2018 Scouting Combine: OL To Watch

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship Game-Alabama vs Georgia Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Combine week! With a thrilling and exhausting Winter Olympics just completed, it’s time for the “Underwear Olympics” to take stage in Indianapolis. As usual, I’ll be breaking down prospects by the order in which their position group goes first for on field workouts. First up, the hog mollies in the trenches. For the OL group, I’ll be going by listed position.


1. Brett Toth 6’6 306 Senior US Military Academy at West Point

- Toth, by all accounts, had a standout Senior Bowl. He’s well schooled in the run blocking concepts as well he should be, considering the type of offense Army runs. Pass blocking will need some refinement as Army doesn’t throw often. There were multiple games where they didn’t throw a single pass. Toth will likely need to apply for a waiver to offset his service commitments. It was decreed last year that all service academy players must honor their commitments regardless of talent level.

2. Chukuma Okorafor 6’6 330 RS Senior Western Michigan

- He had an standout 2017 season to maintain the stock of a top 3 tackle in this class. CO is a elite talent and is sure to be selected in the first round just like his former teammate Corey Davis was last year. He’s a physical threat to deal with for edge defenders. Excellent footwork. Pulled out of the Senior Bowl due to injury/personal reasons.

3. Tyrell Crosby 6’5 320 Senior Oregon

- Crosby had an excellent 2017 season to rise up the boards to merit consideration as a top 5 tackle in the class. There are some excellent tackle prospects so this is no small matter. From the games that I watched, the lateral agility and ability to anchor down as a pass blocker is a huge plus. He mirrors the defender very easily and doesn’t allow much to get by him. He’s improved as a run blocker massively this year. Reportedly he had a ho hum Senior Bowl.

4. Desmond Harrison 6’6 313 Senior West Georgia

- Harrison could be the breakout star next week. He’s a road grading type of tackle that finishes his block through the echo of the whistle. Everything that I’ve seen of him shows signs that he can stick at left tackle with some refinements. He’s a punishing run blocker and above average pass blocker. Didn’t get beat too often in pass protection. Projects as a right tackle at the next level. He’s a sleeper. Pulled out of the Senior Bowl due to injury.

5. Mike McGlinchey 6’8 312 RS Senior Notre Dame

- The whole country was shocked when he came back for a senior year. Has played both left and right tackle in career. A massive mountain at tackle. Experienced as a RS Senior. He’s the best tackle in this year’s class too. Fundamentally sound. Would’ve been a top 15 pick last draft. He was that good.

6. Connor Williams 6’6 320 Junior Texas

- Williams could be the best tackle in the class but injuries have derailed his career. The medical portion of the Combine will be the key for him as he’s missed a ton of time during the past two years. He skipped the bowl game to prepare for the draft.


1. Isaiah Wynn 6’2 300 Senior Georgia

- Wynn could’ve been the best prospect in Mobile, regardless of position. He dominated every rep in practice and in the game. Has played both guard and tackle but projects as a dominant guard at the next level. Can play tackle in a pinch. He’s been a monster in the offseason process.

2. Will Hernandez 6’2 348 Senior UTEP

- Hernandez really came along during the Senior Bowl week. If Wynn wasn’t there, he would’ve been the best OL prospect there. Reports of his dominance got me looking for UTEP stuff. He’s a massive guy at 6’2 348. A dominant man scheme blocker.

3. Quenton Nelson 6’5 329 RS Junior Notre Dame

- Nelson is the country’s best guard prospect, no questions asked. He’s a brick wall and defenders rarely beat him. Footwork excellent. IQ is a plus. Should test well.

4. Martinas Rankin 6’5 315 RS Senior Mississippi State

- Rankin is one of the more underrated line prospects in the country. He doesn’t get a lot of hype as others but he does the job very well. I watched him some against Georgia and that fearsome defense, he didn’t get beat once. Athleticism is a plus. Footwork is above average. Mirrors and guides the defender away like its nothing. Rarely gets beat in leverage. Missed out on the Senior Bowl due to injury.

5. K.C McDermott 6’6 300 Senior Miami

- A long time stalwart of the Hurricanes offensive line. Position versatile as he has played guard and tackle. He has issues in pass protection as he gets too heavy footed and cannot accelerate his backpedal against pass rushers. Much better run blocker. A late round lottery ticket type of pick. Needs a ton of work in the weight room and film room. Needs a big week to get drafted in the middle rounds.


1. Mason Cole 6’4 297 RS Senior Michigan

- Cole is the most experienced lineman for Michigan as he has 51 starts under his belt. Position versatile as he’s played center and guard. One of the top center prospects in the country.

2. Billy Price 6’3 312 RS Senior Ohio State

- Price is the best center prospect in the country and the heir to Pat Elflein, who was one of the better ones as well. He’s pretty tall for a center but the height doesn’t hamper him getting leverage. Football IQ is very good. Footwork is a plus. Anchors very well.

3. James Daniels 6’4 295 Junior Iowa

- Daniels has been a mock draft darling in the offseason as he’s been a fast riser up the boards. He can also play guard but is primarily listed as a center. He formed one of the more formidable interior duos with fellow center/guard prospect Sean Welsh.