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NFL trade rumors 2018: Are the Titans interested in acquiring Jarvis Landry?

This is not a move that makes sense.

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network said yesterday that the Titans are a potential landing spot for Jarvis Landry in a trade. The Miami Dolphins slapped the franchise tag on Landry earlier this week. Most people speculated they did that in order to make him easier to trade.

As for the Titans going after him, I really don’t get it. Rapoport said in the video linked above that Jon Robinson is looking to add explosive playmakers and “no one is more explosive than Landry.” My reaction to that:

Landry is a good receiver, no doubt, but he averaged 8.8 yards per reception in 2017. That’s not exactly what I would call explosive. For his career he averages 10.1 yards per catch.

The Titans have plenty of cap room right now, but they are going to have to negotiate contract extensions for Taylor Lewan and Marcus Mariota in the next couple of years. Landry is going to get a bunch of money to play somewhere. Do the Titans really want to tie up that much money in a slot receiver? I say no.

Also, if you bring in Landry, you are basically giving up on Taywan Taylor after just one season. Taylor wasn’t great in 2017, but he showed some flashes of being able to do some really good things. Do the Titans really want to move him down to 4th on the depth chart? I say no, again.

Again, Landry is a good player that will help a team, but it just doesn’t make sense for the Titans to invest a draft pick and a lot of money in him with what they already have on the roster.