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Mike Patrick is retiring from ESPN; Let’s listen to his call of the Music City Miracle

Any reason to watch and listen to this play is a good reason!

PGA TOUR - 2005 Booz Allen Classic - Pro-Am Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Mike Patrick is calling his final game for ESPN tonight. He has been there for 36 years. His most famous call (at least in my mind) is this one:

My favorite part of the call from these guys is how they work through it. They all start out saying that it is coming back because it is a forward pass. Then, as they watch the replays, they all come to the conclusion that it was a lateral. I still get goosebumps listening to this!

I’ll never forget running up to the TV in my parent’s den and drawing a line with my finger on the screen to prove it was backwards. That was such a fun day to be a Titans fan and to live in Nashville!

And there is still nothing better than Steve McNair’s face when they show him watching the play from the sideline. It is the same combination of shock and joy that we all felt in that moment.