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Titans Links: Pays to Be a Succop

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Succop and the Titans of Tennessee have agreed on a 5 year, $20 million dollar extension. That is a lot of dough and years, but the contract is front-loaded. This is a good signing as Succop has been Mr. Consistent in his time with the Titans and the more reliable special teams, the better.

Year 4 for Marcus is going to be a huge year. I am very excited to see how this new staff continues his development after he was wasted this past year.

In$ider for ESPN asks evaluators if they’d take Winston or Mariota at this point. I was shocked with how many picked Winston. Adding to that, there are a lot of concerns about Marcus’ health.

Charles Davis has the Titans selecting Harold Landry of Boston College with the 25th pick in the draft. That sounds ok to me.