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Some thoughts on Heir McNair

That was one of the few things ESPN has done well lately.

Super Bowl XXXIV - St. Louis Rams v Tennesee Titans

I’ll never forget July 4, 2009. My wife and I were out on the lake with some friends. After not checking my phone for a few hours, I picked it up to see missed calls from my dad, gramsey, and the artist formerly known as August West. I knew something had happened with the Titans, but had no idea it was that Steve McNair had been killed. I was crushed.

I’m not one that typically gets rattled by celebrity deaths, but this one was different. McNair was a larger than life figure for this franchise. He truly did put the Titans on the map. There are more McNair moments etched in my brain that any other player in any other sport. The final drive in the Super Bowl. The game where he came in after back surgery. The final drive against the Giants in a game in Nashville. Those are things that I feel like I grew up on.

The event surrounding his death were awful. They cast a shadow over all of the great stuff that he did while he was playing and even after, and it was heartbreaking to see those images of his wife and boys at the funerals.

That brings us to the E:60. I thought it was well done. It was good to hear from Mechelle and Tyler. They had so many positive things to say about Steve even with the events surrounding his death. That had to be an extremely tough situation for Mechelle balancing what she must have been feeling and trying to keep it together for the boys. Man, that part about Tyler grabbing a knife was tough....

Did you watch it? What were your impressions?