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Charley Casserly 2018 NFL mock draft 1.0

This is a need for the Titans, but will they go there in the first round?

Iowa v Northwestern Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Remember when I said that every mock draft we would see between now and at least the start of free agency would feature the Titans picking an EDGE player? Well, apparently I underestimated the ability of mock drafters on the internet. Today we look at a mock from Charley Casserly of NFL Network.

Casserly has the Titans taking James Daniels, G, Iowa at pick #25. His in-depth commentary:

Help is needed on the interior of the Titans’ O-line.

He’s not wrong....Here’s the thing though, they make this pick with Harold Landry (who Lambert broke down here) still on the board. There are a lot of questions about Landry’s ankle. That’s the only reason he would still be on the board at 25.

It will be interesting to see if he is able to compete at he combine. That will probably be the difference between him being available at 25 and him being picked in the top 10.

I think we can all agree that interior offensive line is a need for the Titans, but is it something they should address in the first round?