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Titans News: Mayors of Duval

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans own the Jaguars. They know it, we know it. As soon as that game started, it was over, and any doubt of that was crushed with a Derrick Henry stiff arm en route to the longest run possible on a football field. The recipe for success against the Jaguars has been (at least in the last few years) run Derrick Henry at them because their linebackers and CBs want no part in tackling him.

Turron Davenport wonders if Marcus is turning the corner at the right time. Last night’s game wasn’t a great indicator of that, but they got the win without him being perfect, which hasn’t happened a lot this year.

Great win last night, and the Titans need to string 3 more of those together to close out the regular season. Next up are the Giants, who have a lot of weapons despite having a horrible QB.