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Titans News: Firktastic

NFL: New York Jets at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Firkser is exceeding all our expectations this year (except for Trevor Newsome and Mike B. Herndon who thought he was the next Gronk) and impressing Mike Vrabel. I’d be willing to bet he enters 2019 that he’ll be the 3rd TE and have a much more prominent role in the passing game.

What stands out for tonight’s game against the Jags? Well, Derrick Henry stands out to me and to Jim Wyatt. The Titans should run Derrick at them all game long, they don’t like facing him at all.

It’s been a rough couple weeks for the OL, we will see if they are up to task against a very talented front 7 of the Jags.

None of the 3 Titan rookies are in the top 25 rookie rankings, but Cruikshank has been a key special teamer, and Landry and Evans are going to be key starters in 2019 and should see much more playing time as we get into the end of December.