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It is time for the Titans to use Adoree Jackson on offense

Tennessee Titans v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Last night we spent the majority of Locked on Titans (listen here) talking about what the Titans game plan on offense should be if Marcus Mariota isn’t able to play against the Colts. His status is up in the air right now, but he seems behind where he was after the injury in the first Colts game. This will be a game where Matt LaFleur can earn his money.

Terry brought up the point that this would be a good time to see Adoree Jackson on offense for the first time this season. Adoree saw quite a few snaps on offense last season under Mike Mularkey when he played more total snaps than any other player in the league. I would assume we haven’t seen him on offense this season because they wanted to have him focus on defense and keep him fresh for his duties on that side of the ball.

They need to give the Colts some looks on offense that they haven’t seen on tape. I do think Blaine Gabbert will play better in this game having a full week to prepare vs. coming in after a Mariota injury, but they are still going to need something to get a spark. Adoree is the perfect guy to provide that. Hand him the ball. Throw him a screen. Heck, take a shot to him down the field.

The Titans had a great game plan in week 2 when the Titans were without Mariota, Taylor Lewan, Jack Conklin and Dennis Kelly. Can they pull a similar rabbit out of their hat in this one? That could be the difference between us talking about a playoff game or the draft next week.