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WATCH the scuffle between Taylor Lewan and Josh Norman after Titans win

Taylor Lewan and Josh Norman had an interesting post-game altercation...

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

After Malcolm Butler picked off Josh Johnson and housed it for the Titans, things got interesting during the post-game interactions.

Josh Norman had been talking trash to the Titans all game, after every stop. And on the Titans final drive, Taylor Lewan felt that Norman was being dirty and trying to injure Derrick Henry,

Lewan didn’t take too kindly to that. He approached Norman on the Washington bench after the game and, well, take a look at what happened...

Apparently, Lewan said some things that instigated Norman, such as, “Get the f*** out of my stadium.”

I personally fully support Taylor Lewan. Looked like he was having a bit of trash talking fun with one of the game’s biggest trash talkers, and when Norman tried to turn that into a physical fight, Lewan just laughed and walked away. I love that we have Lewan on our side. I wonder how much he charges to rent out the property he owns in Josh Norman’s head.

If it’s true that Norman was trying to injure Derrick Henry, that only makes me support Lewan even more.

This, of course, comes a couple weeks after Lewan played the “violin” for poor Jalen Ramsey as Ramsey submitted his bid for the 2019 Oscars.

What do you think of Lewan’s post-game antics?