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Thread: What are your go to snacks for a Titans game?

Nothing says football quite like snacking to your team.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Two things are as American as they come: Gridiron Football, and snacks. You can go to a ballgame and munch on your favorite snacks as you watch your team suck or or straight up dominate an opponent. And regardless of how expensive the concessions are, we all love to snack.

So whether you’re snacking at home or you’re at the ballgame, what is your go-to snack(s) when watching a Titans game, or any game in general?

For me, my go to snack when I’m watching a game at home is Goldfish. Honestly, what can you do better than munch on the snack that smiles back? At the ballgame(this is a cop-out) I enjoy popcorn, which is obvious. My go-to drink is Dr. Pepper for some reason. I understand it tastes like a watered down Coke, but I still enjoy it.

Really, what I should do is try to snack on gummy bears. Those don’t make much of a mess and they’re delicious too. Goldfish, on the other hand, leave the mess that doesn’t smile back, so that’s not fun. Anyway, Goldfish is my snack when I’m watching games from home, though really any brand of chips does just fine as well.

Now let’s hear your go-to snacks in the comment section below!